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    LS Experts - P0102 Code

    Is this a new build or has the engine been running code free prior to this?
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    Just another LJ Build

    I did some searching and found where people are getting good results from writing the PCM with a similar tune from a 4x4. ( should be some in the HP Tuners repository) Then copying over your tables / settings. Then the transmission would shift correctly...
  3. RustyC

    Just another LJ Build

    I am a novice on tuning but I don't see issues in the tune. The parameters in the shift tables seem logical. Is the VSS signal to the ECM good? How does it shift in 2wd? 4wd Hi? 37" tires correct?
  4. Screenshot 2021-07-07 151337.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-07-07 151337.jpg

  5. Screenshot 2021-07-07 151515.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-07-07 151515.jpg

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    Just another LJ Build

    Could you post a copy of the tune? The wiring should be correct (red 16 to ground when in 4lo)
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    French Tickler buggy

    Well done! I dig it. USB bulkheads :love:
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    Safe without damage. BUT damn can we get a break? THE BEST weatherman in the states own house got hit. That's just shitty.
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    6.2L L9H engine

    Looking for a GM 6.2L L9H engine. 8th vin digit is "2" . I'm in Alabama willing to travel if the price is right.
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    Mounting a phone in your rig.

    The part that sucks is I can't reach it with my harnesses on. #trailworldproblems
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    French Tickler buggy

    Yes looking under trees for an engine now. Plan is 6.2 L9H, 6l80,Ford 205 with 32 spline input. Everything but the engine in hand. I've read / gather info that I can send GM sensor data to the Jeep PMC that feeds the dash. Then obviously E38 to run the GM stuff. I'll post whatever works out in...
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    French Tickler buggy

    Bebop you are progressing along at a rate the rest of us dream of. We are just trying to keep up at this point. My buggy dash is very simple. Samsung tablet, Torque Pro App, bluetooth OBD2 dongle in the diagnostic port. I can only monitor with mine, no outputs. The Holley dash look very nice...
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    Random Thoughts

    Hawk decoy? Move randomly.
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    Enclosed trailer/Toy Hauler Conversion

    What ever you do coating the floor is the first thing to do. Once a drop of oil hits the wood nothing is going to want to stick. That's where I'm at now. I may go vinyl or something to cover.
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    Trail safety

    Thank you that saves me a lot of time building a quick release bracket. Great idea!