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    I’m thinking of replacing my glass windshield

    I have a Jeep YJ. I used a grinder to removed the windshield hinge pin. Tapped the outside part of the hinge to match the threads of a 3/4 ton gm brake caliper bolt. I use a bolt on each side. Tabs and a couple bolts at the top. 4 bolts and unplugging the wiper motor and the windshield frame...
  2. Screenshot 2022-05-01 192150.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-05-01 192150.jpg

  3. RustyC

    I’m thinking of replacing my glass windshield

    I ran a Lexan windshield in my YJ for about 6-8 years. It gets scratches from dust/mud and limbs over time. I decided to go back to glass after not being able to see driving up v notch in the afternoon at Morris Mtn. The sun hits the scratches and creates a big glare. I only ride with the...
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    CL of the day

    They had me hooked at 746 HP Caterpillar
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    NP205 doubler mounting

    I would advise 3 mounts. Obviously 2 engine mounts and a single transmission/tcase mount. BUT!! I would build a solid mount bridging the transmission and the tcases and then use a single mount under it. This designs puts all the torque load through the engine mounts and doesn't break tail housings.
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    TH350-Ford NP205 Shifters??

    Freeze plug. The rails leak a little these days but so do I.
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    King of the Hammers (KOH) 2022

    Those Gomez boys have been so close so many times there were due one. This years race was the most entertaining for me as an internet fan. Raul's pass in the rocks twice for 1st over Scherer had me cheering. Good to see Wayes and Schofield finish strong after last years event.
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    Full hydro steering, unequal length tie rods causing major handling problems?

    I disagree with this as well. I have charged shocks from 0 psi/kpa to 200 psi-1378 kpa and the vehicle height will raise. The King engineer may have been trying to focus on coil-over spring function vs an air shock. I would have had to hear the conversion to agree differently.
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    King of the Hammers (KOH) 2022

    IFS w Solid rear. Gomez I hope.
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    King of the Hammers (KOH) 2022

    Menu in upper left. Select classes to view.
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    King of the Hammers (KOH) 2022

    Live tracking? I've gone to RacingTrax and see the course map and mile markers. No car markers?? http://livemap.racingtrax.com/#/106
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    Favorite Wheeling Picture

    Thanks for the info. I makes sense that I've never been on it. We always hit the left side of the park. All I have ever done is a hot lap down the powerline and back.
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    4 link front jeep tj

    If you have straight lower links, I would not go below 40 degrees with the uppers. If your lowers are triangulated to 45 degrees, then your uppers could be straight (no triangulation) Think MINIMUM triangulation = the sum of the all the links of 40-40 degree total.
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    Ball Joint Eliminators for old Dana44?

    I've used them on a SD 60, I like them. For $150 I would do them on a D44.
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    4 link front jeep tj

    Front 4 link is a stronger design due to the additional upper link. It also does not suffer from the axle moving laterally because there is no track/panhard bar. 4 link does require full hydraulic steering though. What type of steering do you have now?