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    Monster Transmissions

    Fritts Transmission is pretty highly recommended for bouncers
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    Custom buggy hauler

    I work with rigging daily. Those D rings and pretty much all rigging is under rated. Multiply that 1665 by 5x and you will be closer to breaking strength.
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    Buggy Problem

    Do you still have a kickdown cable? That junk plastic fitting likes to crack and it can leak pretty fast.
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    New Years Roll 2021 Rock Bouncer Race

    I'm way south of you guys near Evansville.
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    Tig rig recommendations

    I'd look hard at Everlast, PrimeWeld and AHP for the home shop on a budget. I've told several people lately that if I wanted a single machine for home use it would for sure be the Miller Multimatic 220. It will do nearly everything a guy would need to do at home as long as you aren't TIG...
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    Tig rig recommendations

    Can you tell us what you anticipate welding so we can narrow down a decent reccomendation? I own a mobile welding service and I have 5 or 6 TIG machines for different types of work. I have a pretty nice Dynasty machine that I wouldn't take on a sanitary tube job and I have a Miller Maxstar that...
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    ARB plumbing

    I had another buggy with ARBs front and rear. A rock kinked a line once and I lost a solenoid once. On this new rig, I'm using air switches and braided hose to keep it as reliable as possible....no electronics.
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    ARB plumbing

    Do you think an fittings and braided air line is a waste of money?
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    Lightweight building panels

    I was curious about using 2" blue board Styrofoam and covering it with fiberglass and resin. You could make a fairly lightweight square tube frame and end up with a sturdy yet light enclosure.
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    ARB plumbing

    Anyone using the ARB-2080 toggle switch? I'm wanting to get away from the solenoids and use air switches and probably a jet pack. Also, I'm ditching the plastic line in favor of braided hose and -3 fittings. Does anyone have a cheaper alternative to suggest?
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    YJ frame decked out with Artec for sale.

    What wheelbase is this currently setup for?
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    Brake Caliper Comparison (Mark Williams & Wilwood)

    What is it about these sintered pads that makes them different than other sintered pads that work better at higher speeds and higher heat? The older way and probably outdated way of thinking taught us to use organic pads for trail rigs and slower speed stuff because they worked better for low...
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    Mig welding aluminum?

    It would be easier on you to use 80/20 or 90/10. Straight Argon isn't the best choice for MIG. It will always look like a cold weld. You TIG weld with straight Argon. I should add that ALOT of people mig weld with pure argon so, it's not a bad choice. It gives a concentrated heat zone and...
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    Mig welding aluminum?

    What shielding gas are you using?