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    Spoke with my mother this morning, she works for corporate Walmarts security division and they confirmed tornados touched down 24 times in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia yesterday.
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    How are our Alabama and N. Georgia folks. Just rain so far in SE Tennessee.
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    Random Thoughts

    Wouldn't happen to be a toyota would it? There is a lawsuit against them because of this very issue. The insulation on the wires is soy based instead of petroleum and rodents of all kinds love it. I've heard of putting dryer sheets and cleaning products in and around the car can help.
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    Another new guy

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    New guy checkin in

    Welcome and if you want your money back I gotcha.
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    MT Baja Boss X

    Travis, JeepTJ99, is running a set I'm pretty sure so he might be able to give you some info.
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    Random Thoughts

    Unfortunately that's 100% true and they are teaching kids to be part of that system with participation trophies. When you have no desire to do better because you get the same thing by half assing it you tend to not try and that's sad. There will come a time when only those that know how to...
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    Aetna Mountain Adventures

    Aetna is definately an aquired taste. I've got lots of good memories there, some bad ones too. Inside folks are saying it's temporary to make some improvements so we'll see.
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    Random Thoughts

    Glad I saw this, was considering making a road trip.
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    Random Thoughts

    All ammo prices are stupid high if you can even find it. Gotta love election years.
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    New cruiserhead from NC

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    New from NC

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    43 inch tsl sx’s for trade

    Oh I want them just can't clear them without doing a whole lot of cutting.
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    43 inch tsl sx’s for trade

    Dang if I could clear a 43 I'd offer up my LTBs, not that they'd be great on the highway. Shouldn't have any issues finding a trade.
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    Old man in tn