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2012 polaris rzr 900xp part out


Jun 2, 2016
Thinking about parting out my race ready 12 900xp. Parts i will have if decided to go that route.
975cc alba racing big bore kit for turbo app. Will include main and head studs, rods, pistons, cyinder.
Ported and polished head
Billet intake
Web cams turbo cams
Packard performance turbo kit with upgraded turbo has air to air cooler and Donelson air filter, has 25psi blow off valve.
Stm clutch and turner secondary set up for this kit.
BTF upper and lower arms with 3/4heims
BTF rear arms, super lite weight but very strong
Rear mounted radiator twice the capacity of stock
Proarmor seats
2.5 king shocks set up for off road racing
Power comander v
Factory electric steering
Factory rack and pinion
Air pumper for fresh air
Pci radio with pit radio
Tmw radius cage fully welded with no doors
All plastic
6 14" raceline wheels with 27x9 and 27x11 dirt commanders with tire blocks in the rear
Tire block tools
Oil cooler with fan
Enough to put together a stock 900 engine
Front diff with billet cage
Several axles
And I'm sure I'm leaving alot out just testing the waters to see if i can move it all or sell as a whole.
Thanks for reading