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For Sale Artec JL 1 ton swap brackets


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Mar 23, 2012
Surgoinsville, TN
Artec 1 ton swap brackets for a Jeep JL. One complete rear axle swap bracket kit, and Apex center truss sections for both a Sterling and a 14 bolt. Also a JL/JT front frame side track bar bracket. Over $750 worth of parts. Will sell it all for $600. Will also separate. Got these with some other parts I bought and I don't need them. It's all still in the boxes un-opened. Located in Johnson City, TN. Willing to ship if you help on the cost.

Also have a late model 14 bolt I could sell with it too.
A86EAABF D7C9 46D8 AC43 83E891BBE7B7
B73C95BF D569 4BBA A8C9 92AB3AA7A962
4D2BB66F A216 4CFE 864E B276267DA4A9
CC25FE96 BC76 4038 A1F5 B94DB1E2D347
AE40FB3A C529 4969 8308 63B0F56A4F96
A6AAE571 0C98 4576 A93D F3F6943CF2EF
3492FEAF 2443 4890 AD45 B052DF9CD740
A004417B 498A 463B B4DB 8A7D1D079EE6