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BNIB 2.5” Fox Bumps


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Aug 13, 2010
I've got 2 Fox 980-02-801 bumps without cans. Brand new. I got a deal on them so not returning them to vendor. They are freaking huge and way too nice for my rig, plus we are about to break ground on building a house and freed up funds is better than parts I don't have time to install and will have to move into a new garage in 6 months.

They measure 2 9/16" diameter.

$550 OBO or trade with loot for some 2" ones

Located in Murfreesboro, TN


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I'll try one more time…this time with mounting cans. $550 firm

If they don't sell soon I'll just slap them on my rig like a $100 saddle on a $50 horse
One last shot…$500 firm.

I was going to install them soon but have enough going on with work and building a house. I'd rather not have money sitting around for 8 months waiting on me to install them.
Bump…still haven't had time nor desire to mount these
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