Cheap but good sounding mufflers


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Looking for some good sounding mufflers that resemble the flow master sound, space is tight so I’m looking for some round style mufflers. No I’m not growing my mullet back and running glass packs, the race mufflers look to be loud, exhaust will dump out right behind seats so I don’t want it super loud. Found some options on eBay but no good reviews on sound. People just say bad ass. So what’s everybody running


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I don't see how you're going to end up happy based on your requirements. Flowmaster signature sound, cheap, small diam bullet, somewhat quiet. Something has to give.
I suspect that if it MUST be a small round muffler then it won't sound like a Flow & it will be super loud. And headers will just make it worse.
Well no offense but I’m surely not gonna spend 400 bucks on the mufflers you suggested. I don’t wheel a shiny nice rig, it’s a beat to shit hacked together Yj, it had some sorta cherry bomb style muffler on it before that wasn’t horrible but I just wanted something cheap and different but thank you very much for the info you gave :dblthumb:

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