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Favorite Wheeling Picture

Thanks for the info. I makes sense that I've never been on it. We always hit the left side of the park.
All I have ever done is a hot lap down the powerline and back.
Ah gotcha. For RBD we usually start lower right and work our way across to the lower left and back to the upper left of the map on Friday.

On Saturday we usually run the upper right side of the map since it's less crowded. I really like the upper right hand side of the park and could spend all day over there. Lots of cool rock trails like that one and tight woods that drop down into the valley and shoot right back up. So if you have iffy steering or iffy brakes you may hate that side :)



Windrock in the snow is fun
This is an old one, but still one of my better pictures.


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I remember when walking back there was tough now it you could almost drive a stock truck back there. Also seen some rather large cat tracks in therI

I havent been there in like 2 or 3 years. I took my TJ down in there. Getting in there was easy, coming out was not.