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Golden Mountain Off-road Park opening

Can't wait for this park to open back up, meet a lot of folks I consider dear friends at the park.
Found these in my jeep cleaning it out. Oh the memories.


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Haha speaking of artifacts, I found this in a drawer in my work bench that collects all the stickers and what not from parts I’ve bought, a junk drawer pretty much but seeing it was a blast from the past.


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SFWDA has a cleanup ride at GMP scheduled for 3/2. Kinda ironic they picked that date as it’s also the first SRRS Race at Windrock, which would seem like a better place to setup for them to “spread their good deeds”.

Certain members of SFWDA were also circulating a rumor that GMP would only be open for 3 SFWDA events per year. So they are the reason for GMP’s post addressing the rumors.
Roger, I was just thinking the other day about probably the first time I saw Elmo, we were on the upper part of big head and you starting sliding the front end out, thought I was starting to hallucinate.
Good times
Well, I was hoping to keep this a positive thread, I was all in with helping with trail cleanup but I won't be taking directions from sfwda.
Same thinking here. I’ll wait to go help with the group that Jimmy Howell and Tammy are organizing/keeping in the loop.