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Sold/Expired Good used 6.0 diesel injectors. Still in running truck.


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Oct 18, 2011
I have a 2006 f250 and I just had a buzz test done on the injectors due to it starting to run a little rough when cold at first start up and, was told low circuit on injector number 7. I still drive the truck every day and it runs fine. I came across agood deal on 4 new injectors so when I go in to change the number 7 thats bad, I`m thinking about just doing all 4 on that side while I`m in there. The number 7 is only one bad. The other three are fine. they are not cylinder specific. If anybody is interested in the 3 good ones I`ll sell them for 100.00 each and I`ll pay shipping cost. There 284.00ea from the dealer. If I dont sell them before I pull them out I may only change the bad one.




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