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Is anyone actually riding?


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Jun 7, 2012
Lenoir City TN
In an effort to start another ignorant thread... that could be considered "general discussion"... is anybody actually riding anymore? I know a few on here who ride but most my friends who do ride arent on here. So where you riding at? Post pictures? Excuses welcome here also.

We ride Windrock (best park in the southeast :****:) every chance we get and manage to stumble to harlan and aop a few times a year.
I get out there but not as much as I want to. Spent most of last year building it and only got it out to AOP once and a local park here in indiana. Planning on a trip to windrock beginning of June. Any kind of decent park is over 6 hours from me unfortunately
We ride a couple times a month usually at our local park here in Indiana. Just rode blue holler this past weekend and then have a trip for my bachelor party at Hawk Pride in March.
Unfortunately for me, barely any riding in 2022 but little dude is getting old enough to maybe start going with us soon so that may change. If I get to go riding, they'll certainly be pictures from it though.
Photos from blue holler. Should be a YouTube video soon.


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Good ole' @alscott and @77GreenMachine proving that they are actually out riding via some snow wheelin at Windrock:

That was an epic trip. It was actually way to cold to be that deep in the north side of the park this past saturday. If one of us had broke down to the point of having to stay overnight or wait hours on parts, we would have been close to freezing to death that night. My body temperature was screwed up until midday Sunday from that ride :ROFLMAO:
Since I live in Florida, I dont get to ride as often as those that live further north, but my group and I made it to Windrock, AOP x2, and Chocco last year. Have a Windrock trip planned in March, and am trying to make Wolf's caves and Katymcy Rocks in Texas this December
i've rode twice this year and broke the same shock twice. i keep forgetting to order parts to fix it maybe i'll do that tomorrow. hopefully now that most of my medical **** is figured out and we are done moving 1000 times i'll get to ride this year. might even make it to windrock to watch all the rzrs play on the devils butthole. hope to hit harlan and hpo up again this year. maybe morris and chocco.