PSC P-Pump


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185 P-series Pump AN8 pressure fitting, AN12 feed line - Reservoir NOT Included in sale.

$220 Paypal ok. You pay the fees. Will ship on my dime for full asking price.

Located in Seabrook, TX - For faster response text 281 fur one fur -forty five ten

This pump was purchased new by the guy I built an unfinished rig from. I believed he purchased it around 2014. It was installed but never ran when I bought the buggy unfinished in Aug 2017. I got it all together and ran it from Nov 2018 until July 2019. When I tore it down for paint, I decided to go back with a PSC CBR II Race Pump. Using it for a f/r steer rockwelled buggy with 3inch cylinders it left a little to be desired at low RPMs, but I would imagine for smaller cylindered f/r steer buggy it would be just fine and if it was just front steer it would absolutely get the job done. Normal wear and tear for a pump used for 9months. Always ran with an inline cooler with temps below 140°F, probably even less but I don't always carry my heat gun with me. PSC recommends operating range of 120-180°F.

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