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RBD 2022 @ Hawk Pride - Nov 24-27


Not Rigless
Jun 24, 2010
Rockvale, TN
RBD 2022 will be at Hawk Pride over Thanksgiving weekend. Will let @Speeding add all the details later.

Link to the 2021 event with basic info and pictures v
RBD 2022 is in the books. Had a blast as usual, got some much needed seat time (albeit it not enough), lots of hanging out time, and some delicious foods as always.

Made a 300 mile round trip on Wednesday to setup camp, come back home, family Thanksgiving stuff, and then right back to Hawk Pride Thursday night. It stinks to do the round trip, but it is so much easier to get things parked and unloaded during the daytime on Wednesday when the park isn't too crowded vs at whatever time we roll in Thursday night. Plus thanks to @Bebop the trailer was nice and warm when we got there :dblthumb:

Friday our group got moving later than usual, but once we got about 2 miles into some trails, our juggy was running like crap, smoking under acceleration and sputtering. So we drove back to camp and @Bebop pulled one of my spark plugs and swapped it with one of his. He then proceeded to clean it out real nicely booyangwith some playing on the wall/ledge but no pictures from that. Seemed to fix the running issue, until we got another 2 miles into the next trail. We went back to camp and had the rest of the group keep riding. Pulled all spark plugs and the passenger side plus were burned off perfectly and driver side plugs were basically fouled out. Drove into town to get spark plugs and swapped them back in. When the group got back to camp, we figured out that my O2 sensor plug was full of debris and probably caused the running issue. Couldn't get the O2 sensor out of the manifold and didn't want to risk breaking it off inside there, so left it alone for the night.

Saturday morning most of the group went out riding, but we stayed with @rafter b2000 and cruised down to watch the buggies playing on the race hills. Juggy ran fine, but only ran for 20 minutes or so. Got back to camp right before a rain moved in, which basically stayed the rest of the night until early Sunday morning.

Despite the issue with ours, had a great time with all our out-of-state friends, and to repair ours, is super inexpensive, which is always nice. In 2 plus years of owning the juggy, this is the first time we've had any issues out of it that weren't something simple like a fan fuse or me cutting a sidewall from too much #b-rap