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Rear Mount F**kn" Radiators


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Aug 27, 2007
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Ok who has this set up for one.. i have had cooling issues on my 89 vintage 302 for a little while now ..ive purged cleaned full time fan new pump blah blah the system has 2 1.5" galv tube to the rear with rubber joinin the bends and joints. i have no thermostat to help purge the system i have been told time and time again to put the thing back in. but you would think with all that extra volume it would maintain longer than a half hour!! i am fabing an inline themostat to go towards the neck horizontally.. any thoughts???:mad:
I have a rear mounted radiator, at first the truck never had cooling issues. When I bought it off my buddy, all of a sudden I couldn't keep it from over heating.

I pulled the thermostat and it runs at about 175-185* with out the fan on.

When you have the truck running with out the thermostat can you see cross flow in the radiator? Maybe your pump isn't able to move the volume as well any more?

stupid question but your sure you have your hoses hooked up correctly, I've seen guys do rear mounted radiators and manage to hook up the lines backwards (inlet of radiator goes to inlet of water pump) so they are pushing the water through the radiator backwards.
Yeah i thought of that too but it is a stock radiator out of the bronco carcas.it is difficult to see flow there. and i did think the hoses were backasswards cuz the lower was hot as a pistol... the rad was cool,, and the upper was cool ..reachin 230* at the guage and the hoses are correct.So you Think its the pump eh?
clutching at straws here but did you by chance end up with a serpentine waterpump and just mount your fan belt pulley to it?

they turn reverse direction from each other...
yep that's what it sound's like:mad: ..And you need to back the rig up so the rat.is higher than the engine too make it burp air....:hi:
Thats the easy part it has a...wait are you ready for this..............an airbag in the back..originaly for the suspension but now for frickin BURPIN . well how would i tell..?? not from the outside eh? or just frickin order the right one on gtrdun..............hey wait does that mean i should switch the hoses at the rad??? LOL
You dont have to run a thermastat, however if you remove it you want to put in a water restrictor to slow down the water to give it time to cool in the radiator. You can get them from any speed shop out there.
So do you know for sure your hoses are hooked up right? Upper to upper, lower to lower? If they are then you have the wrong pump, the bottom hose on the radiator should be the cooler one. Good luck, I had nothing but problems with my rear radiator.