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Seeking 383 propane engine build advice

What's the latest on the dual fuel engine build?
Engine should be done this month. Talking with him he mentioned this whole build is based off the specs of Pepsi's 427's and 454. His experience working on them and examining what worked and what didn't. Quotes below.

I also mentioned it to the founder of carb and turbo David. He's been building and designing lp fuel system since the 60's in industrial applications. His sentiment was the same. Build right LPG engines will outlast pump gas. End of.

"W"e have put in place valves called out specifically for l.p.gas and/or natural gas severe duty applications.
Seat rings are the (n) series for LP and natural gas Designed specifically for this application.
In past years, I have had experience with rebuilding 427/454 truck heads for Pepsi cola company. The materials being used are tried and true combinations that had given Pepsi the longest service life in their fleet of product delivery trucks. The valve job or valve seat seal is the key. Can have best materials but key is proper seating and heat scrubbing of the valve thru valve seat and carrying temp off into main casting to the coolant is how success is made in high heat, high load conditions of a truck pulling a big trailer."
"Some times we will also widen the seating surface to get better heat dissipation. But that wider seat areas increases the surface area to scrub heat, but in that increase of wider/greater seat surface area, a lower pounds per inch of pinching applied pressure can cause carbon build-up on seating face of valve and seat ring. Thus higher spring pressures are required to keep the valve seat and seat rings from carbon build up. Thus a roller cam engine is easily able to accommodate higher spring pressure with out decreasing longevity of the camshaft and lifter functions. Via hardened rollers in roller lifters and tool steel hardened camshafts that are OEM."
The reasons for the build are strait forward. Energy security and options. There is a war going on. Everytime the FED raises rates to fight inflation OPEC cuts production. Russia and China have officially unified and Broke the US dollars hegemony internationally with 16 more nations applying to be part of BRICS.

The last 50 years of energy security and power of USD is because of the petro dollar. OPEC has made their stand clear that the deal is over.

The US could be energy independent, but it is not. We still can drain more of the SPR, but its only a matter of time. Pump gas will continue to be volitile and soaring price cycles or limited availability long before LPG is effected...and it stores so easy to keep it topped off at 1 years worth of fuel at all times

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