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Top ten trails to ride at Windrock


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May 31, 2013
I am heading to Windrock 11th-14th to ride for the weekend and attend the WEROCK event in Dayton. As much as i would love to spend a week there our time is limited. Three rigs all leaf spring toyota based on 35's and 37's locked and geared. I'd love to get some suggestions on the top ten trails we should hit while there and if any of you folks want to join feel free to let me know of catch us while we are there. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Trail 16 is a pretty long trail and would be fun in those rigs. You can hit 2 off to the right of the store and link up with 17. Some off camber stuff and possible body damage if your tires don't stick out past the body. One good technical climb. You can link up some other trails when you get finished with it as well.
Hope this helps. Windrock is always a good time.
Waldens Ridge. one of the best trails i've been on in a long time. 3.4 miles of fun. did the whole trail. took us about 4 hours.