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Transfer case options-Pass Drop


Feb 2, 2022
I have ran a 241/300 doubler for years now, have had the usual problems with the 300. Broke two rear stock outputs before putting in 32 spline outputs front and rear in it was great for a year or two then i just stripped the gears and cracked the case last weekend. Been running stock gears i dont want to go 4:1. Anyways, i think this is my last 300 I'm opening up, i think im beyond its capability at least stock gears im playing with fire, wanting to upgrade.
There is quite a few options out there nowadays it seems here are some im looking at:
I have a little cammed 5.3 and a 4l60 im swaping for a th400 when i do a different t-case. 43s pass drop front axle

241C - i know of 2 people that have one and have really good luck with them. I like the gear ratio, simplicity, and price even though a pass drop is hard to find and they ask for more $ still probably cheapest option with a SYE.

205- I have a 205 sitting around, I have a 32 spline front output for it too, i think stock ratio would suck though especially behind a 400. JB conversions makes a diy kit with their 3:1 gears and case(that you have to use). My other thought is NWF eco box specific for the 205, would be like the crawl box i have now basically but i feel like id want to just keep that in low and the 205 in high all the time to get that 2.7 ratio i like, I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or not but seems kind of silly, and just more complicated like what i have now.

Anyone run a 241, or lowmax or crawl box 205?
Is the 205 still the mac daddy? I just saw someone strip gears in a atlas G2. I want some piece of mind when i have to hit something hard