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    Back in hospital, so i will not make it this year. Sent using left thumb.
  2. John Galbreath Jr.

    JohnG Health Issues

    Back in hospital. Will not a making it to RBD????? Sent using left thumb.
  3. John Galbreath Jr.


    Under the Drought Emergency ‘No Burn’ Order, Section 9-13-141 of the Code of Alabama states that it is illegal for any person to set fire to any forest, grass, woods, wildlands or marshes; to build a campfire or bonfire; or to burn trash or other material that may cause a forest, grass or woods...
  4. John Galbreath Jr.

    JohnG Health Issues

    Update November 15, 2016. Doing update on phone so will be short! We had imaging (CT Scan) done on 11-7 and did not get the results we were looking for. Good news was no cancer in the original buttock location. There was also a slight reduction in the upper lungs. However, the disease has...
  5. John Galbreath Jr.

    Big Geen Egg Grill

    The mini max is the only egg I have found that lights easier with the lid open. Tends to be lazy or go out with the lid down. Sent using left thumb.
  6. John Galbreath Jr.

    JohnG Health Issues

    I have not done an update yet. But back in hospital. Had a bad night and bad day till about 3pm today. Think they gave me too many drugs. Hopefully tonight will be better. Only a two drug cocktail to try and get some sleep. Been up for 3 days. Will post up complete update, one I am not looking...
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    AOP - 4 Banger Crawl - November 12, 2016

    . Can I get a link. Dust is not in my future! Sent using left thumb.
  8. John Galbreath Jr.

    PlowBoy Xtreme Off-Road - November 11-12, 2016 - POSTPONED

    From Ployboy Offroad Facebook: We at PXOR are sad and surprised with the decision of the judicial system that was handed down tonight to us only 3 days before event. We are currently zoned M2, heavy manufacturing, which allows automobile, airplane, boat, and rail transportation factories along...
  9. John Galbreath Jr.

    Sold/Expired CJ 7 buggy

    Locked due to not following the rules. Feel free to make new ad following the rules. Locked. JohnG Admin
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    JohnG Health Issues

    Sent using left thumb.
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    JohnG Health Issues

    Update: October 30, 2016. Well, we got that round of chemo done and all has been looking good. Had a couple good days that we were warned would be bad. Did not meet goal of staying out of hospital this round though. Started feeling bad with shortness of breath on Thursday (10-27) and not sure...
  12. John Galbreath Jr.

    Fuelworx gas cans

    Real gas cans. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-g7988/overview/ https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-g7991/overview/
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    Random Thoughts

    Re: Random Thoughts Call Kraig. http://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/forums/index.php?topic=40154.0
  14. John Galbreath Jr.

    Trump for prez?

    Please go get a fin foil hat and put it on top of the coffee maker. :rolf:
  15. John Galbreath Jr.

    Sold/Expired Jk part out

    Locked due to not following the rules JohnG Admin

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