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    Trail safety

    That was not a coincidence sir....
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    Trail safety

    I would think that after “wear your seatbelt”, rule number 2 for safety would be to stay sober. I know of the 3 or 4 major incidents I’ve been a part of off road (atvs or Jeeps) all but 1 were because we were all drinking. It just makes no sense that it is widely accepted or even celebrated to...
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    For Sale Built 94 XJ

    I'd at least have worn shorts.....he must be more confident in cold weather than me.....or he doesn't care.
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    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    Last time and then I am going somewhere that wants my business....
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    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    I hope his fab shop is his secondary business. His customer service is lacking...........No response. I may have to take my business elsewhere.
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    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    @redneckengineered Done. THANKS, looking forward to hearing from him.:rolf:
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    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    That's the second truck in as many months that he has built. In demand rigs he is putting out there. Does he do custom work for the public or just sell his former rigs?
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    Baby mudders

    What part of Missouri?
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    Rice Trailers

    It’s a brand of trailers. Made in Missouri.
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    Rice Trailers

    Anybody have any experience with Rice trailers? I just "bought" one and don't know much about them. It is an 18+2 10K lb car hauler.
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    For Sale K5 blazer

    Not a lot of Hardliners in Memphis. Where you stay mane?
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    Im looking for this rig

    On her doorstep!
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    Kid crawler

    All Eddy does is drive. That dude drove 13 hours to eat hot wings with @5BrothersFabrication....
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    Random Thoughts

    I dropped my Nokia brick phone into a bulk bin of fertilizer. It stayed there for three days and popped out in my blender screen one day. 3/4 charged and 26 missed calls. I also dropped a phone chopping cotton one summer.