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    Cold vulcanizing from Busted Knuckle Off Road

    And these magical "traction flaps" will come loose and peel the rubber back to the steel belts. Ask me how I know... Gotta love good ol' steel belted radials offroad
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    295/70/17 Maxxis Razr MT's on Moto Metal wheels $1,000

    I was beginning to think you were taking all of 2020 off Hardline
  3. muddinmetal

    funny sayings??

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    For Sale 1991 Cherokee -- $7,000

    I hate to be the guy who undercuts a deal, but I will take $15k for mine
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    For Sale 1991 Cherokee -- $7,000

    1) Nothing I said was an opinion 2) I am super glad you didn't sprain your vagina when you got out of your Jeep to take that last picture of it "flexed out" on the access trail 3) Does it come with both light bars? Those are so cool, asking for a friend 4) Does it still run hot? 5) You need...
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    For Sale 1991 Cherokee -- $7,000

    1) Your price is higher than astronaut pussy 2) 3.73 gears? 3) If you truly were a motivated seller you would be asking $2800. 4) Don't get mad at the truth
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    Sold/Expired H1’ wheels and Goodyear MTR tires

    $500 and you could probably talk me into it
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    Cheap but good sounding mufflers

    If it is like mine it is louder on the inside than outside. The resonance in unreal
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    395/85/20 Military Tires (Where can I buy these)
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    Rare Jeep Parts

    All I know is there used to be a lifted one in Somerville, AL and that thing was badass. That is all
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    For Sale Powerglide and SCS Transfercase NEW

    I have zero need for this, but it sure is pretty, GLWS
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    For Sale 2020 CSC FAB BUGGY

    It's been a while since there has been a CSC buggy for sale on here
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    Busted Knuckle vs BleepinJeep Cheap Jeep Build Off

    H It helps to be local sometimes!
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    It’s finally here - Ford Bronco

    It looks a little... off... from that angle