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    Suzuki samurai

    5to1 or 6.5to1 is the only way to go. If you are going to fool with the time to wire a 16v engine, you may as well grab everything from a 2.0 tracker/vitara and say the hell with trying to keep it all Samurai. You may be content with a much more simplistic 1.6 8v and tcase gears if you must keep...
  2. muddinmetal

    1971 lemans

    I am guessing you are calling his Regal a Monte out of spite. I despised when people would barely glance at my Grand National and call it a Monte or a "nice lookin' Cutlass"
  3. muddinmetal

    Balance beads

    They work. BBs work as well. I recommend golf balls if you drive on the road alot. BBs make quite a rain shower noise when stopping
  4. muddinmetal

    1971 lemans

    Back to this Regal talk, are we talking about a G body here?
  5. muddinmetal

    1971 lemans

    I had a blue on blue Tempest in my teens. Love me a Pontiac engine
  6. muddinmetal

    For Sale 16 ft. car trailer

    You will sell this quickly
  7. muddinmetal

    Sept 30-Oct 3 Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY

    Little kids are tough as nails, hopefully he'll be fine
  8. muddinmetal

    Gas or Diesel??

    What gear ratio does your HD have?
  9. muddinmetal

    Poolman passed away

    Man, he was always too polite for this place.
  10. muddinmetal

    Gas or Diesel??

    Me personally, I will never drive an automatic truck with less than 3.73s (diesel) or 4.10s (gas) it's not worth the strain and heat. Especially as tires and wheels grow bigger and heavier
  11. muddinmetal

    Gas or Diesel??

    Most diesels don't have any "guts" unless you work them hard. It is just how turbochargers work. 3.55s and 35s are weak under 40% throttle. 4.10s and 33s are much stronger in that situation... but, at 75% throttle, the 3.55 truck is actually making more power (more resistance=more exhaust...
  12. muddinmetal

    Buckle up

    Hate to hear it brother. I think alot of us were raised that "hell we ain't going far, nothing will happen". That **** gets people killed. Heartbreaking.
  13. muddinmetal

    For Sale Custom Fabricated Jeep Rock Crawler 2 Years Into Project

    This ad is gayer than two dudes ****ing.... there are things listed for $1000 with more info and photos. If you respect your fellow offroaders and this forum, you could at least put in some effort.
  14. muddinmetal

    enclosed trailer drama- what to do

    I vote be patient. It will work out.
  15. muddinmetal

    Used stickies

    I bet $100 she is real and just misunderstood her dad. It seemed obvious to me. And y'all ****ers dicked it up

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