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Anybody riding the cove?

There's a facebook group called Chattanooga offroad monthly meet and they love the cove post up there. Why is the trials closed? I thought i saw something where they were raising their prices or something earlier this week.
Chattanooga Offroad Monthly tore me apart like I was on Pirate in 2005 asking how much lift I needed to clear 35s.
What's the Cove like? Never been. What I gather is you pay to park at the TTC, then what? What's the riding like?
Yeah, and they told me just to put money in the box. I've parked there and drove the mile up the road to the Cove and rode. It's a lot of big river rock. Slow, but nothing too major. It is a fun ride every time I have been through.
What's the Cove like? Never been. What I gather is you pay to park at the TTC, then what? What's the riding like?

It's a lot of creek crossings, mud holes, and a few places to play here and there. It's a beautiful ride but not hard at all. During the summer we used to swim and fish while riding at some of the crossings and stuff.
We just visited this weekend for our first time, with some seasoned pros who have rode the cove countless times.

It's awesome scenic riding with plenty of shady spots to let the kids skip stones in the water.

We managed to get through with a buggy, Cherokee buggy thing, pathfinder buggy thing, modestly built TJ, and modestly built LJ without incident. It's not hard riding, just easy and scenic.

I'd post some waterfall riding shots or videos if we had done anything like that, but we just stuck to the trails outside of the creeks and crossed only when necessary


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little man had a rough day, but it was fun watching all the kids play and have fun. Crazy how big he's gotten.


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Went yesterday to check out the Cove for the first time in 10 years. Was a cool, scenic trip. Pics over in the Coalmont thread since that's where we parked.