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Buggy build "Indecision"

tonybolton said:
I think she's using for XTREME-YOGA or some form of CROSS-YOGA-FIT. :)

Hahahahaha, her and that Frenchie guy have something up their sleeves. :dunno:

Re: Buggy build "Indecision"

The Luke said:

To make it fit me better, there was quite a bit of a size difference between me and Patrick. ::) Also making a few things more universal, so that if I break a heim joint im not looking for a replacement in 3 different dirt track shops. Just making it so that I can maintenance it on my own and know where to get replacement parts and what they are. Also going to be powder coated and changing a few other things to make it more accommodating to me.
ljholmann said:
You know it! that bitch is gonna have flowers and peace signs painted on it!

I'll make sure to pass this along...

CHASMAN9 said:
I know this buggy isn't sitting in a shed somewhere collecting dust. How about some updates Ms. Poppy?


It literaly is in a shed somewhere collecting dust. :****:
CHASMAN9 said:
Poolman, here is what she really said, "wahh wahh wahh wahh wahh, wahh wahh wahh..." :flipoff1: :



All I can say is:


Been awhile and I know it's not sitting collection dust, how about some updates Lori or Enzo? Enquiring minds want to know.

You're just jealous you don't get any crepes.

Currently working on it as I'm posting.
It's getting close.
Needs a few more weekends of busting ass before being 100% ready for photoshoot though.