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Concerning the GARAGE area(updated 2/23/10) !!!!!!!!

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Mar 26, 2001
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The Garage area.

Whats its sole pupose? : The sole purpose of this area is to show off the work we all do in our garages and shops.

What is it not?: Its not here solely to promote your bussiness or side bussiness.

What if I do side work or own a bussiness?: You are free to post any work you are doing but you are not free to start the build threads. If you have a build you plan on doing then the owner must start the thread.

Why have I done this?: Simply to keep things on a even scale. This site isn't here for folks to solely promote there shop or side jobs they do.

Thank you
Mike Kash
The Garage is a place to show off individual talent, brainstorm ideas, and share creative fab solutions amongst ourselves... It's NOT a place for shops to pimp their services or fish for business under the guise of showing off their "mad skillz". The fact is, there are lots of guys doing paid work for others on here that is top notch that we'd all like to see, but it needs to fit within the guidelines laid out in order to be fair to everyone and not make the Garage just a big advertisement.

So, keep it low key... it's not a place to discuss "business"... it's a place to show off work being done on YOUR rig.

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