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OLD RIG : Turd
89 C1500ish former 2wd.
350TBI/ SM465 (currently) / NP205 Got a TH350 auto awaiting implant
4linked fore and aft with 12" Fox CO's up front and 16" SAW's in the back
D60/14B Lincoln Lockers, DE Full Hydro, Discs out back,35spl chromo outters and Warn prem's
3 swangin beverage holders and a bench seat with laps for 3
Boatsided, narrowed, shortened, chopped , and hacked.

NEW RIG: I built myself a buggy finally !!! XRRA wanna be Caddi Buggy
TBI350/TH350 with UltraBell , TCI full manual valve body B&M for now, want an Art Carr shifter badly..
D300 with 4.1 gears and an HDrear output twinstick with custom shifters
D60 front welded, 35spl Yuk's and Longfield joints PSC steering
14B Shaved, welded Disc brakes
42 Iroks on H2's
4links with jj's on the uppers and 3" Ballistic joints on the lowers Radflo N2 14"ers all around and 2" N2 bumps front soon to be 4" N2 bumps rear ( got them just not on right now )
T-Max 6500lb comp winch up front with synthetic rope

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‘81 Scrambler
‘94 Land Cruiser


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name’s Ryan and here’s my rig.

2006 LJ stretched out on “tons”
4.0L, NSG370 six speed, NP231/D300 doubler
‘04 superduty HP60 on a wonky 3 link
CUCV full floater on a double triangulated 4 link
Roughly 110” wheelbase
Chris Durham hood and H2s wrapped in 38 falkens
She’s Low, she’s slow and desperately needing a diet



Not Rigless
Finally bought a trail rig/juggy. 6.0 LS, TH400, Atlas 3.8, 60 front, 70 rear, 39" Reds, and Racelines.

Wife and I made a road trip on Saturday to get it. Left the house at 4:15 am and drove to north central Missouri and back home. Was gone for 20 hours and 1100 miles total on Saturday.

Pics were from the seller's house/shop.

Seller mentioned that his buddy bought it years ago from as a rolling chassis from a guy in Tennessee. It has 6 feet of Jeep frame rail from the back of the seats to the motor mounts and then tubing from there out. Anyone know who may of had this chassis at some point?
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