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Newbies Post Up Here - Rig Specs & Info Thread


If its free, its P
May 16, 2007
Your Mom's House
OLD RIG : Turd
89 C1500ish former 2wd.
350TBI/ SM465 (currently) / NP205 Got a TH350 auto awaiting implant
4linked fore and aft with 12" Fox CO's up front and 16" SAW's in the back
D60/14B Lincoln Lockers, DE Full Hydro, Discs out back,35spl chromo outters and Warn prem's
3 swangin beverage holders and a bench seat with laps for 3
Boatsided, narrowed, shortened, chopped , and hacked.




NEW RIG: I built myself a buggy finally !!! XRRA wanna be Caddi Buggy
TBI350/TH350 with UltraBell , TCI full manual valve body B&M for now, want an Art Carr shifter badly..
D300 with 4.1 gears and an HDrear output twinstick with custom shifters
D60 front welded, 35spl Yuk's and Longfield joints PSC steering
14B Shaved, welded Disc brakes
42 Iroks on H2's
4links with jj's on the uppers and 3" Ballistic joints on the lowers Radflo N2 14"ers all around and 2" N2 bumps front soon to be 4" N2 bumps rear ( got them just not on right now )
T-Max 6500lb comp winch up front with synthetic rope

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Matt Overton (aka BamaTJ)

Out with the OLD and in with the new

99 TJ, HP60, 14B, 5.13's, Coilovers, 107"WB, PSC Full Hydro, 40" Creepys, 4100lbs. Lots of other stuff. Buildup Thread is here: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=471690 Sold to a guy in Colorado so it will get to wheel all the sweet places out West for the rest of its days.


S&N Fab Bravo Chassis #2 , TJ Skins, 107" WB, Dynatrac 60's, 4.56's, PSC Full Hydro, Bilstein Coilovers, 7075 AL Links, 39" Red Labels and WE Wheels, 3600lbs



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Here's mine
92 YJ Buggy
Superchared LT1
Front and Rear steer Rockwells.
47" LTB's with stazwork wheels
Any the rest is not important.

since paul posted up the pic with dubs, I have to as well. they were mine first (we need a flipoff smiley)

mine is an erection...I mean an evolution. started full cab with 40's, vortec 350 carbed, 400/205/60/14rear/4.56 welded both ends

rolled the **** out of it a bunch, this is after its 5 rollover, 3 of them over backwards onto the top from the top of a hill with 3 other flops mixed in

then came the new tube and ****

and the latest, alloy usa shafts, ctm's, more recentered hummers, still vortec 350, but with AFI tbi on it, 350/231 planets/205, de ram now, all big boy 1"x1 1/4" lowers with 1/2" wall tube, 3/4"x7/8" uppers with .250" wall tube, all chromo with kevlar races. also putting a suspension seat in it, plastic doesn't fawking cut it.


95 YJ, 4 Banger, D44 front & rear, 5.89's, Spool rear, Detroit front, Yukon Shafts & Super Joints,
Redneck Ram, Cage, 39.5 Iroks, Warn Hubs, Warn 9000, Custom fenders using a 5lb sledge :eek:
First off I'd like to say wasup to everyone.
98 Zr2 body, D60 front 35 spline inner and out 4340 yukons yukon sj's, d60 rear 30spline chromos, lockrites f/r,5.13's f/r, fully built th400, 39.5x 13.50 x 17 iroks, h2's, redneck ram hydro assist, hy steer, fuel injected vortec 350(few things done) Stak 2 speed twin stick 3.75:1, A LOT of fabrication.
I'm obviously not done with this stage yet, but I'm workin on it. I still got a lot of things to get done but heres a pic. And yes I know I gotta do some work on the sackles, that was the first attempt.

FIrst off...wanted to say hello to all...I live in Corner/Warrior and I have been riding the trails around Gardendale and Fultondale since about 1992, haven't been out much since I sold my jeep about 7 years ago but I have been working on one when time permits. I figured it was time I knocked the dust off this thing and get it running before I have to rebuild stuff again because it has sat for so long.....Anyway here is a pic of my loooong project that I keep hopping on and off again for about 4 years now...Currently rewiring the whole thing and putting the TBI from a 454 on it. Its got a 500 cid Cad motor, TH-400, NP205, Front and rear 60's with 5.38's....PS I will need some one to build me some fenders and a dash if anyone knows someone let me know....


Here's my other toy for those of you that like these kinda rigs....

and last but not least my lil tow rig....
Well, here's my junk. Still needs some major tube work, but it's coming along.

96 Taco 2.7 5-speeed
44 and a 9 5:13's
lockright and a spool- w chromo's
Full hydro, w hi-steer to come
2 tall all-pro leaves
14" bilsteins
36 roks on some 15x8 freebies

More wheeling pics to come


I just realized I never did this!

My name is Ricky and I like to go four wheeling and take pictures.
This is my Jeep:

This is my rental Jeep ;D:

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