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"Take 92" - YJ Link kit from Motobilt with Nines

kushKrawlin said:
HOLY ****!! Man you work fast!that could possibly be the fastest build thread I have ever read! Seriously though how long have you been working on it just curious.:

took me 10 months to get it back on the trails..

If I was single and no kids probably would have been 2 months :)
after a little bit of driving and wheeling I found my trac bar was just barely touching an upper control arm mount so I need to notch it for clearance.

the trac bar is 2" tube that is .250 thick so I was not worried about strength and cutting it up.

so cut a hole out and made a plate to cover and welded it back up.




I am planning a trip to Moab in May so trying to get all the little things done

added a small Dynomax muffler. Not the prettiest but it works

also replaced the high steer arms with new ones

also been wanting to add a removable steering wheel for a while



also mounted CB radio antenna, just need to run the cable to the CB inside cab

If you remember I had an issue with the filler neck hose kinking so I sent the JAZ filler neck to Mars Fab (MarsFab OffRoad) and had Chris modify the neck for me.. it turned out Awesome and works perfect now.




and here it is installed


well I found out then when I tried put gas into the tank the fuel was backing up the filler tube and not flowing nicely past the rollover flap inside the gas tank.. I took off the roll over vent line and it then it worked great with no backup at all.

what I realized was I connected the rollover vent line to the stock canister and it was to restrictive. so I went and got some more fuel line and rotated a figure 8 around the tank then down under the jeep into a extra fuel filter.. and now it works great with no issue of fuel backing up into the tube.



I also worked on getting the bestop rear area cover cut and fit to help cover the fuel cell area.. it is in but I still need do a little more to make it perfect. hard to see threw the soft top window



last thing I did was wire up the CB.
I got lucky and while working @ Good Guys show one of the vendors (ridetech) let me use his scales to get some weights of the jeep.

almot full tank of fuel, some tools and I was not in the jeep

kind of corny but hey the jeep performed great in all our clubs games and I won overall

Plus it made my son very happy
momma needed some steps on the jeep.. so I made some quick rock rails that I can use to slide on and also gives her a step when climbing in and out







what and AWESOME TRIP.

myself and 3 buddies towed our rigs across the country to Moab Utah and had an absolute BLAST.

the Jeep worked great with very few issues..

I found out I need to add some more oil to the air shocks for better compression rates and I also have a small leak in rear diff that I need to take apart and reseal. Damn Jeep crawled everything and worked just like I thought it would.. I even held 55 around the highways with no issues and was super stable.. so the jeep has been fully tested finally and I am very happy to say it worked just as I hoped and maybe even better.. the motobilt 4 link worked great with no issues at all.

loaded up and heading out


Kane Creek Trail


MOab Rim



top of the world

looking out the front window

side view

we had to stop for a rain storm on way to the top

parked out on the rock

we also hit AREA BFE and had a blast

we ran Helldorado and Britney Spears



Ever since I bought the 4 link kit from Dan @ Motobilt I have been wanting one of his new front bumpers for a while and he had a sale over the 4th so I took advantage of it and grabbed one

nicely wrapped for shipping

Some really good pictures. Your jeep turned out nice. How are you liking that link kit?

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EsPowell said:
Some really good pictures. Your jeep turned out nice. How are you liking that link kit?


the link kit is working great. I have had no issues at all with it.. and the simplicity of the install was awesome
Caver Dave said:
I've looked thru both threads (HL+NC4x4) pretty hard and can't find any info on your link specs... HBO?

the kit is from Motobilt

the links are all 2" square .250 wall tube. I used johnny joints on all ends except for the upper arms on frame side.. I used 1.25 heims with milled down misalignment spacers to fit the default spacing motobilt set the link kit with.

this is the area I am referring to that did not use johnny joints
when I was on my moab trip I kept having gear axle leaking of my rear axle which I temporarily fixed with the RIGHT Stuff gasket sealer. we thought it was the axle seals but after many times of driving and wheeling we have figured out that we think the original breather tube in the 9" axle tube was never sealed when the rear brace was welded on or there is a hole in the tube inside the rear brace so gear fluid is leaking into the rear brace then dripping out the sides when I lean the jeep to the side.

the white circle areas are where I have now welded up the brace so looks like i may be carrying extra diff fluid if anyone ever needs any when wheeling :)

the white circle areas are where I have now welded up the brace so looks like i may be carrying extra diff fluid if anyone ever needs any when wheeling :)

Weld in a bung and add a valve! haha

Did you blow through when welding the truss on?

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