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Trigger pulled buggy buildup

Flat black oil based rustoleum, it seems like the paint dried as soon as it came out of the gun, the texture is "chalky". But it's growing on me. And hammered silver
Back from wiring, sitting on springs, full of oil and gas and blowing a breaker on turn over…..lots of silly little things
Got it out a few times to chase leaks and break in gears, just putting around forest roads, runs really nice. something let go in the transmission the other night so pulled it and sending it to be rebuild
Good job on completing it !
Trans woes are just part of the growing pains, you'll get it sorted out !
Well it was a used trans when I got it, supposedly fresh rebuild. That **** happens with used parts, doesn't help when they sit around for 4 years ….
Got the new trans in a few days ago, shifts great, runs cooler. Wish I would of put some engine braking in it. Took it for a two hour drive yesterday, no leaks, just had to stop a few times to let it cool down
can't believe I have an updated in over a year. Lots of upgrades to broken parts and just working out the kinks. Broke a rear ring pinion looks like it wasn't set up, right. Went through three or four fuel pumps before I switched to an intake pump, which has been good so far. Had to replace the power steering pump and add a cooler to that system.. added a higher CFM fan to the radiator and move the transmission cooler to the front of the radiator in more direct airflow. Cut my boatsides down and moved them up and made them smaller for a little more clearance. Finished all my panels and my roof. The roof is 1/8 aluminum ended up putting a new stock 5.3 L motor in it since I spent all the bearings in the old motor. put some new SX stickies on that came off the old Unloyal buggy. And just added some lower aluminum links to the rears to replace the bent, steel ones.
got to weigh the buggy this fall as well, heavier than I wanted but not bad. Balanced nicely, which is what I was going for. The passenger side has about an extra 100 lbs for some extras I didn't take out.
i was also lucky enough to work on the buggy and help out for a couple days at twisted customs, what an attention to detail! I learned a lot.

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