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YJ Build...just a little different.

More up travel?
Yes, I ended up with clearance issues in the front end. One of the mistakes I made during the build was the lack of taking good notes / making and updating a list of what needed to be done. Due to the start / stop/ start process of the build over a couple of years I missed a few things. Easiest way to fix it was to cut off the front of the frame again and re-do it while knocking out the list I made in an organized manner. I also forgot to measure / install bump stops in the rear...that has been fixed and fortunately it didn't require too much work. Frustrating ...yes, but I learned from my mistakes and ultimately that is how we get better and I can definitely say I learned from this and that was worth the extra effort.
Starting to mock up my steering and ram mount. Based on my research, I believe I have it correct but it's always good to reach out to people with more experience. I measured my furthest (5") and closet (4.5") steering measurements from the centerline of the axle. Add both and divide by 2 gave me 4.75" for the centerline of the ram from the centerline of my axle. I have the ram centered on the axle and my left and right steering links are within 3/16". With the knuckles straight, the steering links angle from the knuckle back to the ram clevis a probably 4 or 5 degrees. Like I said I feel I have it correct, but this is the first time I have done a DE ram so any help is greatly appreciated.


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This looks great !

Try to push ram as close to possible to axle centerline (front to back) but nothing too critical.

What you're showing is great !
I was able to get the ram mount mocked up today, should have it welded in later in the week. Initially I ordered a TMR Customs mount but once it arrived I realized it was too big and way overkill for my axle. Made my own out of 1/4" plate. One piece is 6"x9" and will sit on top with the three ram mounts on it. The second piece is 9"x9" and has a 45* bend on the last three inches. This piece will form the bottom of the mount and also reinforce the top plate and give a little protection to the face of the ram. Two side pieces, also 1/4" thick, will fill the void and tie everything together.


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Currently up for sale.....

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Currently up for sale.....

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