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Just another LJ Build

Last year I made a few trips to places like Coppingers Cove, Windrock, Royal Blue, and Good Evening Ranch. Started killing locks outs so I switched to drive flanges. The steering box got too much play in it and I picked up a new Durango box and drilled and tapped it. Decided to move the trans cooler to the back of the jeep and move the power steering cooler to behind the grill. Decide to put in the micro switches and shifter cams on the winter shifter and forget about having the PCM do the shifting. After the last trip in December, I got sick and tired of the mud coming off the tires so I tried my hand at building 6-inch wide fenders front and rear. The week of Christmas, I pulled the stock cage stuff out and reworked everything slightly with new 1.75 dom tubing and put in a harness bar and 5 points. I switched back to my soft top. Now it ready for a test run.


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Love the LJ. It’s always been my favorite Jeep. I picked this one up last January. I’ve added the armor, new bumpers, front AntiRock, and cleaned up and changed a few things on it so far to suit me. I’ve got a big pile of parts built up in the corner of the shop already to go 3 link/4 link on ‘05+ axles. Just buying parts as I can find good deals on them. I have most of the big stuff besides tires. It will be all the little stuff that breaks the bank though. Lol.

My tank has already been relocated like you did yours. How much were you able to move rear axle back from the factory location with the 10.5 and still clear the tank? Just eyeballing it I feel like I should be able to go at least 4-5” pretty easily. I’m going to stick with coil springs for now. Eventually coilovers will come. My upper coil buckets have already been moved on the frame for the springs to sit upright. Rather than cutting all that off and redoing upper buckets, only to cut it off again later to do coilovers, I’m thinking of just offsetting the spring mounts on the axle.


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