My open letter to Blackbeard :


Guntersville, AL

I am sure you have been quite surprised by our little hole in the world you have stumbled into. You have found yourself among some of the most passionate and fiercely loyal people this world has to offer.

For so many of us this is more than just a computer play thing... Almost all of us could share stories with you about waking up our significant others in late night laughter or getting those side eye glances because of our "fake Internet friends".

We have rode hard and partied harder. We've laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed. We have all been that guy who parked his rig for the day to spend all night fixing someone else's. This is community in the truest sense of the word.

We have all been through more than some in this world could imagine. Some of us have buried our pets. Some have buried our parents. Our spouses. Some of us have even buried our children.
We have lost our jobs and found new ones... Had terrible accidents and wonderful blessings. We have lost mentors and friends.

We have done this with or without a love of God. We have done this with or without addiction, we have done this with or without tears, some have done this with or without a physical support group,
but one thing is certain, we have all done this together.

This forum will always be about off-roading, mashing your motor, cold ones, and mud tires... but it is also more.

Through this site I have seen amazing acts of generosity. Fundraisers and words of encouragement created privately through PMs and group texts... Not for attention but to truly make a difference This group of "rednecks", "inbreeds", and God forbid "conservatives" have helped raise over $50,000 dollars at Shamrock Runs and a half a million for a little boy named Reid.

Yes, people have tuned out and turned off... but the reason for that is it probably breaks their heart to see what this has become...
at some point funny became malicious, the people who once felt welcome felt unwelcome, and the helpful felt it was a lost cause.

Truth is, we can all live without this place and the friendships that it helped formed will still stand the test of time... but you have at your fingertips something that has brought so much joy, frustration, laughter, and community.

It is up to you how you want that to continue.

Best of luck,
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Man..... thank you for real. I feel like you paid the ultimate compliment to everyone ever involved in this silly little forum. I love you shitheads :shit:


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Dang Muffin I don't think anyone could have said it better. I've only met a few of you guys but I feel like we're a family, dysfunctional as we may be. Here's hoping we can have some rides and my junk won't be broke and I can meet more of you. I can't quite keep up with most of you but I'll put a beating on my junk trying.


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Perfectly stated. Great job putting so many thoughts with such magnitude into words on the page.


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Man this guy comes from the heart! I feel the same about all the people iv meet on hardline. The people that messages me when mu son was born means more to me then u will ever know thanks for being there guys

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