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Salvage 10

Shelby materials, and IMI around here has started limiting people to 9 yards a day. Major highways and bridges have first dibs.
I have things to keep me buisy on the truck. I was hoping to drive it out the door by spring, if the layoff comes soon it won't happen.
Where you located ? Sounds like semi northerner with those company names
Built some latches for the tailgate today



Haven't accomplished a whole lot, been working on small things, built some t-case shifters left them long to be trimmed up later as floor goes in. I hope the 203 range box will work that way.
Pay no attention to the grinding needing to be done on the floor, I removed a tube hump I wish I would have never installed.
Started on steering, wanting to build tilt wheel into it, i like the goatbuilt style, thought about copying it, might mix it and a sxs tilt style cylinder insted.

Worked on tilt column today, not sure on useing polaris cylinder for adjuster yet. Going to think on it before i purchase 1.


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Have been working on it here and there, wanted to get interior panels done, but the dreaded lay off came the week before Thanksgiving. Didn't get materials bought in time, got my box mounts done, and rear winch plate tacked in might change it up a bit. My brain quits working sometimes and I have to move on to something else.
After 3 months of trying to remember where i stashed them finally located all my tie rod parts.
Starting the bobbed bed and cage on sons 4 runner, so i get to spend his money for once.
The aforementioned 4runner, yeah its rusty, but atleast I can't put my fist threw the frame rail on the passenger side. Like most of the toyotas around here.
Worked on tie rods today, still got some washers to make, do some clearancing, shorten some tubing, and tack them up.


Skinned the inside of my tailgate today I like how it turned out
Went with 1/8" on outer corners, overkill I think, will loose alot of it with with recessed lights.

So, figured Id slowly start working on the S10 again want to do floors and firewall next. Then thought don't have intake figure out yet.
So, had the 90°s but no 4" tube, 80s model Chevy Square body has a 4" drive shaft in case you need to know. Ithought it would be temporary it's not going to be.