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SXOR single seater build


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Mar 23, 2012
Surgoinsville, TN
I've been gathering parts for this build for almost two years. Progress will probably still be slow, but I'm going to copy my build thread here. Hopefully somebody will get some entertainment out of it.

I found a deal on my favorite chassis design that was just too good to pass up. I picked it up as a rolling chassis. It's been built for several years, but it's never been finished. It will most likely be a slow build as I plan to keep my other buggy for now also.

I've been in love with this chassis design ever since I saw this buggy several years ago.


Hopefully when it's done it will look something like these. The first pic is actually the same buggy as above, it's just been updated and re-skinned.


-'05 SXOR rear engine, single seat chassis
-empty flipped 609 housings
-3-link front, 4-link rear with .250 wall links
-14" SAW air shocks
-New SXOR Liberty hood and lexan skins

Here's a couple quick pics. I'll get some more detailed ones up soon.



Parts list so far.

Engine: 6.0L LQ9 with cut down stand-alone harness and re-programmed computer.


Transmission: Hughes built Powerglide with Atlas adapter

Front axle: 35 spline Moser inner shafts and custom made CTM stubs for the Dodge unit bearing outers with CTM joints. Yukon nodular 3rd, spool, 5.13s, 1350 yoke

Rear axle: FF 60 outers, with 35 spline shafts. Yukon nodular 3rd, spool, 5.13s, 1350 yoke.

Wheels: 17x9 Stazworks double beadlocks



Tires: 39" BFG Reds


Re: Re: SXOR single seater build

I love that chassis! I got to Co-dawg in a 2 seater, they flatout work!

Looking forward to updates!
Thanks! It's always been one of my favorites too.

Hopefully progress will pick up soon. I'm finally getting settled in to my new house/shop.

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Damn! I was wondering what happened to this. Thought you might have sold it. Glad to see its still around and youre still getting the parts together. Looking forward to the buildup.
I found a pair of new 14" ORIs last week. I went ahead and picked them up, and they came in today. I'm going to order another pair just like them either this week or next, but they're on a 6-8 week lead time right now. I went ahead and mocked them up on the front, and I thought I'd pull the rollers off and see how it looks with the 39s. I've still got to swap the tires over to the other wheels, but at least it gives an idea of how it's going to look.

It's sitting at full bump right now, and the belly height is 15.5". Right now it's about 74" outside to outside in the front ad about 70" in the rear. I didn't think to measure the backspacing of the wheels before I mounted them, but it looks like they're 4-4.5". The Stazworks wheels I'm going to run are 6" backspacing. The front may clear alright, but I think I'll definitely have to run spacers in the rear to clear the shocks, or find new wheels.

Anyway, on to the pics.




Progress is still slow, but at least it's progress.

The factory 9" housings needed a little beefing up so I got a couple of DIY diff cover kits from BTF. I've got a couple ideas for trusses for both axles. I just need to pick up some steel and start making sparks.

I picked up a set of motor mounts for the LQ9 from Rock Tactics. Ignore the ugly TIG welds, I'm an electrician not a welder. :icon_lol:

I got the motor up on the stand and gave it a good cleaning and a coat of paint. Soon I'll be ready to mock it up in the chassis and start building the mounts.

Since Powerglides are known for having weak bellhousings I decided to just go ahead and go with a Ultra Bell. I made the rough cut with a sawzall, but I need to come up with a better way to to make the finish cut. I was a little nervous taking a sawzall to a high dollar transmission.

The new Atlas showed up this week too. I love when the brown Santa comes to visit.

Competition case - 3.0 ratio
27 spline input
Driver side front output clocked flat
Competition 32 spline front output
Competition short tailshaft
1350 non-cv yokes
Believe it or not I'm still working on this thing. Slowly.

I've made a little progress over the last few weeks.

I finally got thebellhousing cut the rest of the way down on the powerglide, and gave it a good coat of paint.

The Ultra-Bell bolts up here to the pump bolts. It's really an easy install, and pretty cheap insurance.

Then I bolted on the Atlas adapter, and added a Stef's Fabrication deep aluminum pan and Lokar locking dipstick.

I didn't get a picture with the tape, but it's right 18.75" overall length. That's why I chose a Powerglide for this build. Space is tight, and it offers a lot of strength in a small package.

Since this is a rear engine buggy I'm runnin a front sump pan from a GTO. I got a trap door baffle that bolts in place of the factory baffle from Improved Racing. I plan to also add a 3 Qt. accumulator so hopefully oiling won't be an issue.

I've also been working on the rear axle. I decided to run Spidertrax/Wilwood brakes on all four corners to save some weight, plus they're pretty cool looking too.

I'm still kicking around the design for a bracket to bolt them to the Dodge knuckles in the front, but the rear was pretty simple. I had the hubs turned down so the rotor hat would slip on from the front. I got the caliper brackets from Racing in the Dirt, and I just had to weld a little spacer on them to get the spacing right.

I also added an Artec backbone truss. It's made to go on a fabricated 9" housing, but I chopped it up and grafted it onto my housing. It's tacked on, just waiting on my new blue welder to show up before i burn it in.

I can't decide if I want to truss the top of the housing or not. What do you guys think?

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