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SXOR single seater build

jp fan said:
loller.gif thumb.gif Congrats man, ready for the Southern Shine Crawl?

It should be ready by then but our wonderful management at work decided Memorial Day weekend would be an excellent time to have a shutdown. I'm planning on being there the weekend after though.
dwa2469 said:
Man that thing is nice!! I bet she goes like no other :driving:

Thank you! I'm hoping it will actually work ok. Lol. I know being rear engine it will take a little time to get used to his it's going to act on climbs and stuff.
Can't wait to see some Harlan videos of this thing! It is so compact and a very capable drivetrain , great job. booyang booyang
Finally got it out of the garage for the first time yesterday. It felt good to be behind the wheel.

It's going to be interesting to see how it does. I don't think there will be much crawling. Haha. Going to have work on the brakes some more, they're non-existent right now.


Getting the finishing touches done to get it ready for this weekends first trip out. I'm heading to Harlan Friday morning.

I was going to cut some new skins, and I probably still will. But in the interest of time I trimmed the original set that came with the chassis to fit some of the small changes I made for now. I painted them with black plasti-dip just like I did in the hood. We'll see how it holds up. Got the right side finished and on today. The left side is cut and painted, just need to install the dzus fasteners and mount it up.

I still plan to make some nice dimpled aluminum panels to fill the gap between the B and C pillars on both sides as well as the back section of the chassis.

I also made up some guards for the lower schraders on my ORIs. I copied these from a post I saw somewhere on line a few years ago. I only put them on the front shocks because they hang down low and are pretty vulnerable to rocks. The rears set on top of the axle and are pretty well protected.