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SXOR single seater build

Then in October '21 we moved. And the buggy sat untouched again for almost a year. The new house has a 30x42 shop with a lift. It has a 100amp service to it, but it only had 1 double gang 120v receptacle in the whole shop and the lighting wasn't great. So I spent a lot of time wiring the shop. It's still a disorganized mess, but at least I can get some stuff done in it now. I also bought my LJ last January and that stole a lot of attention from this thing too.

I have worked a little more on the rear axle. I built a backbone truss out of 3x3 .125 wall tubing. And now I'm working on the top "truss". It's built from 10ga plate. I've got a few more pieces to cut to box it all in then it will be ready to weld out. It's getting a new Yukon load bolted 3rd member, 9.5" 5.13 gears, Strange 40 spline spool, Gearworks pinion support for flipped 3rds, Strange 1350 35 spline yoke, and 40 spline shafts and drive flanges. I have everything here but the shafts. It just all has to be put together.



The front axle will be getting all the same parts but with 10" gears. It will have '05+ Superduty outers, haven't decided yet on the Branik 32 spline direct drive stubs or 40 spline stubs, Branik 1550 joints, and 40 spline inners. I have the housing, Cs, knuckles, gears, and joints. I still gave to get the 3rd member, pinion support, install kit, and other small parts. But like I said in the last post I'll probably finish up the rear, slap some spacers on the front, and wheel it while I build the front.

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