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    good luck on ____ at harbor freight...

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    89 f 250

    I'm building pretty much that exact truck. Dana 60 from the same year ranges are direct bolt in. I bought an entire 86 F350 and just swapped the whole front suspension out of it.
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    MS paint, resize option at the top, resize by percent till you get the file size you need.
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    Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops?

    Re: Re: Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops? They also need to support 80% of the weight from moving in the forward direction under braking as well. 2 straps on the back end of a rig with WLL of ~3300lbs wont cover that on my rig. Full Bodied 88 F250 IDI diesel. Scaled at 6100lbs...
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    Chains/binders or Ratchet straps/axle loops?

    What about those of us who drive fat pigs? ;D Those are only rated for ~6600lbs
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    Twisted 40

    good looking rig but damn does that A pillar look sketchy.
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    1994 Ford Ranger trans?

    25 spline, 5 bolt pattern. Northwest fab makes a 5 to 6 bolt adapter with spud shaft for either 23 or 31 spline. http://www.northwestfab.com/5-Bolt-Ranger-to-6-Bolt-Round-Adapter-_p_2701.html
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    Hanging a Doubler

    Im at this stage in my 203/205 setup as well. So interested to see this as well.
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    What to do with a 2002 Mustang GT?

    I mentioned the LM7 purely off this comment as it would possibly alleviate the need to rework the suspension. LM4's (aluminum 5.3L) are available as well. My DD (Saab 9-7x SUV) has one, trailblazers and Envoys also had them, L33s are available as well but more expensive and harder to find...
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    What to do with a 2002 Mustang GT?

    I vote 5.3L LM7 with a small cam and a decent set of OEM heads. attach a T56 with the money you saved buying a iron 5.3L. The 5.3L appears per google to be very similar in weight to your 4.6L so that will help with your suspension setup.
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    Im still confused how they can auction stolen items with a paper trail and say they are doing it for restitution. Just return the stolen tires to him and restitution is complete.
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    What crawl box is this ?

    Looks spot on down to the fill plugs
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    How did u come up with the name of your rig???

    Rusty old F250 that I got off a guy at work for $1500, seemed fitting to call it the F-Turd50
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    12v air compressor

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    Leaf spring bushings SUCK!

    I drilled them out because Im dumb and forgot I have a press in the basement. ::) :****: