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Iron Duck Fab #8 my buggy build

I did a TMR 15 shave kit. I took the precautions recommended other than strapping the diff opening with plate while I final welded to prevent warping. So my cover bolts fit a little tight.

I have had no issues leaking. I have about 5 years on it. It's makes that lower section below the ring gear 1/4" mild steel rather than the same thickness as brittle cast.

Personally it made a HUGE difference for me along with high clearance lower links in the rear. I would do it again for sure, just better. Lol

Awesome build man! Cool to go to your first pic post with just a belly laid down on that build table! Super cool. Great job
Re: Re: Iron Duck Fab #8 my buggy build

Dirt700 said:
I'm not sure on a shaved 14. I will see what I can find out today.

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redneckengineered said:
I've never seen an issue with leaking after doing a "13 bolt" i.e. just cutting the bottom lip/bolt and tossing on a HD cover. The leaking is usually associated with doing the full shave/weld kits. I really don't think those are worth the trouble IMO.

Right on
Started putting together my camping setup last weekend also. Can’t wait to try it out.


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Turns out it cools awesome when both fans are running. It looked like they both were but it was just wind from the 1. With all the air out and both fans on it is perfect.

One side of the fuse was outside the terminal.


Ready to ride just need a couple tuning tweaks.

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Man that is a sick buggy. I love the look of it.

Also pretty envious of the crawler hauler. I’ve been scouring craigslist for an old gooseneck camper to gut and use the frame to build one.
redneckengineered said:
Sweet! How did the amazon special funnel work?

Never had a heating issue with my 3800s, but definitely gonna look into this on the new build. Are your heater core ports tapped and plugged or looped? I've noticed conflicting stories on that causing issues as well. I'd really like to do it all once.
My ports are looped with a bypass hose.

The funnel works awesome, I should’ve had it a long time ago. Definitely will be usefull any time I have to mess with the cooling system.

I can’t wait to wheel it again it’s going to be so much better. Just running from camp to boat ramp before I hit 230+, now I bet it won’t even get to 190.
Obviously not my speed but I really like your rig. Very well done with a bunch of really nice parts tucked into a clean chassis.

It was a lot of fun putting it all together at the end. Missed that skid steer I sold a couple years ago. Lifting the trans and tc through the window by myself without scratching anything was pretty exciting.








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