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Stephen Broady's "An Actual Trail Rig" build


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Dec 5, 2007
glasgow, ky
WOD rock bouncer chassis
6.0L LS based motor
TH400 from PTC w/ ultra bell
Atlas 3.0 race case w/ Mark Williams 1410 yokes and strap kits
Crane 14 bolt from with magnum C's and Knuckles, Mark Williams spool
14 bolt rear w/ Mark Williams 300M shafts
Radflo 2.5 coil-overs all around
Radflo 2" air bumps
CBR radiator and transmission cooler

Stephen Broady brought this to me as some what of a roller. He had WOD set up as a roller but he decided to make some improvements. He swapped from ORI's in favor of the Radflo 2.5 coil-overs. He had a passenger drop HP60 and went to the 14 bolt front. He had it set up with a standard Atlas and upgraded to the race case. Swapped from a griffin radiator to a CBR with cradle or "sandwich" style mounting. All of these changes required a bit of modifications to what was already there.

I'll let Broady add info as well, this is his build thread. I'm just lucky enough to have good friends that trust me to work on their buggys!
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This is what showed up at the shop.



Crane 14 bolt with Magnum Cs and knuckles

Ouverson super 8 aluminum hubs

Lots of parts
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Here is the CBR radiator we went with and the cradle mount I made. There will be rubber between the "cradle" and the radiator itself.


Lower radiator mount tacked in place. I was able to squeeze and X brace in between the radiator and fuel cell.

Here you can get a better idea with the radiator out of the way.
Next was front shock mounts on the axle side and setting bump and ride height

Bump stops and pads on the axle

Rear bump stops and pads on the axle with sway bar there for reference

I cut down the original shock mounts on the axle to allow for more up travel with these 2.5 coil-overs. Again, this buggy was set up with ORI's.

Sway bar mocked up in place
Thanks bud !

So the whole idea behind this rig is that we wanted a well performing, comfortable rig, with ample creature comforts that was tough as nails that we could take out and enjoy and not have to constantly worry about failures. I've been doing this a good while now and I really try to pay attention to what works/ holds up well on these type of rigs. Yeah, I've changed several things on this thing and am subject to change more as I see fit. We've got a ton of little cool ideas up our sleeve for this thing. My "friends" like to give me a hard time about only running a mild built 6.0, but this particular engine was built by a good friend of mine, he actually finished it up right before he passed away so I've got somewhat of a soft spot for it. We may upgrade it down the line, but this one will be finished with this engine from my bud Patrick Holmann. Anyways, I'm super excited to have Chris finish this thing up for Rachel and I. Can't wait to see it finished.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has helped me out along the way so far!
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this one will have inset panels similar to Vanzant's, but with more coverage

Nice! Have him build the passenger side grab handle on the inside of the panel like that blue buggy he finished out awhile back. Always thought that was a great idea.

Looks like a bouncer.

It's a "Trail Bouncer"
Looks great man! I love those treps on there. Front end kinda reminds me of Shredders mask/helmet from TMNT.

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