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Well im I went trailer shopping yesterday and now have a few questions. I am in the market for a 7X16 7k trailer, possibly 10k.

1) Does anyone on here have a Fabform trailer? I looked at one at Trailer Town in Rochester (quy seemed nice and willing to make a deal) and it seemed well built and was priced great.

3) What do you think of rectangle tube frame trailers? I would think it would be better, but also heard that tube frame, if in the wrong situation, will bend and a channel frame would allow a little flex and not bend.

I've purchased 2 trailers from Trailer Town in Lacey/Olympia in the last year. and then took a buddy down to buy his there as well. Awesome people. The two lots are ran by brothers and if one lot doesn't have what you need the other probably does and they'll work a deal with you.

I picked up a 16ft +2ft beaver 7K by FabForm from them a few months back. Great trailer and haven't had any issues with it. FabForm uses the same frame on the 7K as they do on their 10K's the 10k's just get a different axle/wheel/tire package.

I'm pretty sure my trailer was $2300 OTD including taxes/license fees.
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I wanted somewhere to clean up for the drive home.
Now I can microwave popcorn at the same time.
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